27 things

27 things I am grateful for on my 27th birthday:

1. family, my children & husband & parents & siblings & cousins & aunts & uncles

2. friends, new & old & near & far

3. my growing relationship with the divine

4. the endless stream of words & stories spouting from my consciousness

5. dance

6. music

7. exercise (& learning to truly enjoy it)

8. fashion & thrifting

9. yoga

10. art

11. my evolving business

12. green smoothies & juices

13. sunsets & sunrises

14. books

15. Mother Nature

16. my pretty home & growing garden

17. Seattle

18. meditation

19. tea

20. massage

21. red wine

22. herbal medicine

23. digital photography (& instagram!)

24. incense & scented candles

25. travel

26. poetry

27. the internet & blogosphere


    1. Yes, I’ve heard this before. I am certainly aware of my youth, and grateful for it, since I feel like I have so much to do while I’m here. But at the same time, I like growing older because I like my age to reflect how I feel on the inside: old. In a good way, of course.


    1. It was on Monday, I just posted this a little late. Thanks, Kristin. It was like most birthdays: full of both tears and laughter.


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