life as we know it

An urban staircase aged with moss.

She climbs to the top with precocious grace.

On a rainy northwestern day, verdant and vital.

With a cherished umbrella to lead the way.

She plucks a purple flower and cries wildly to the sky, “look!”

Each bloom is worthy of inspection, each corner is unmapped, each step lengthens in possibility.

She’s new to this planet, to life as we know it.

Two years old, a whisper on the spectrum of forever.

Her spirit as pure as water fresh from the clouds.

A creature awestruck by ordinary miracles.

As she walks, she sings, her voice resonating into the gray.

A tiny girl pausing to dance amongst raindrops.

Written for Trifecta


  1. This is beautiful! The words, the photos, the love… 🙂
    I love how green and wet everything looks in your NW world! Moss is so exotic to me, I love it! Denver is so windy and dry these days!


    1. We tend to complain about all the rain, but really, it makes for a striking landscape. And my garden is doing wonderfully this spring! So glad you enjoyed.


    1. Thank you! I’ll take it. I’ve been thinking about this often lately: how short our lives are in the grand scheme of things.


    1. I don’t know. Perhaps this marks the end of childhood. But I believe adults would be happier, more grateful creatures if we could see the world with childlike wonder. It requires a commitment to the present moment. So maybe we stopped enjoying the little things when we started paying too much attention to our thoughts.


  2. Is this Mt. Tabor in Portland? I swear I know those steps…

    I love this line: “a whisper on the spectrum of forever.” I also love the bit about dancing amongst raindrops. My 3-year-old’s face radiates pure joy whenever he gets caught in the rain.


      1. I figured that out with a bit of sleuthing. Isn’t the NW lovely? The rain brings us such beauty.


  3. Thanks for linking up this week. This is such a pretty piece. I love the tenderness with which you’ve tackled this–the cherished umbrella being my favorite part. Love it. Hope to see you back soon.


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