resting instead of blogging

My daily life often inspires a blog entry. But I don’t have time for most of these ideas, so they fall away like tiles crumbling from an ancient mosaic, leaving holes in what could have been a beautiful picture.

If I had the time, I’d tell you about my neck injury, the hackers who keep defiling my small business’s website, and my frustration with the American court system. I might go on and on about how all of my problems can be temporarily solved by a hunk of dark chocolate and either a cup of tea or a glass of red wine.

I’ve been wanting to give you the recipe for the fresh salad dressings I’ve created with ingredients such as raw coconut amino acids and tahini. And the gorgeous crumble I made with farm fresh strawberries and rhubarb. I would like to tell you about the summer bounty of my garden and about all the greens my family is growing and eating.

Every significant moment is a blog entry waiting to be composed. I’m a writer who likes to write about things in detail. If I don’t have space for detail, I won’t even try. But then again, how many of those details are necessary to share? How much am I willing to share? Is my privacy the real reason that I don’t?

The longer I live, the more I learn that life’s greatest pleasures are also the simplest, and sometimes too many words can get in the way of that which doesn’t take much explanation. Only by accepting and savoring the non-complicated victories can we maintain a semblance of normal when we’re barely passing life’s latest lesson.

Maybe you can’t turn your head, but you can still eat chocolate and sip red wine. (Preferably in bed.)

Maybe a lawsuit is making you hemorrhage money and sleep and sanity, but at least you know you’re doing everything you can to fight for what is right.

Maybe your website is vulnerable to attacks and you don’t know why, but at least you backed it up.

Maybe the house is eternally messy, but at least you have a family to mess it up.

Maybe you miss your friends because it’s so hard to make time for one another, but at least you have friends to miss.

Maybe you stay at home all summer because you don’t have the money or energy or freedom to travel, but at least you have a home to stay at.

Maybe you are sick and you have to put your entire life on hold, but at least you get to rest.

Maybe you’re not published, but at least you have a passion.

Maybe you don’t have time for all of those blog entries you want to write, but at least you are inspired.


  1. Lucy,

    What a heartfelt post. I’m sending positive thoughts and wishes your way. Know that everything this okay in the end – if it’s not okay, it’s not the end. I know you’ll get through all of these with flying colors!



  2. I love this post – I never tire of reminders such as this. You speak truth bella, and I love this photo, I must share it!!!! Something I believe we need to be continually reminded of, is the need to rest!!!


  3. I feel like you’re inside my head and writing what I’m thinking, but way better. This is a great outlook to get through Life’s bumps and bruises. With this great attitude, I know you’ll get through them.


  4. This is such a beautiful post. I’m sorry to hear about your neck injury and those idiots who are hacking your site. Do you know who they are? I can’t imagine why anyone would want to do that. 😦

    This post is me, too, right now. I have tons of blog post ideas, but I am learning that sometimes it’s best that I just rest instead. I’ve been burning the midnight oil a lot these days and I feel horrible because of it.


    1. And that is most likely WHY I got the neck injury in the first place. And the fact that I was pushing myself in an exercise class with out proper form. I’ve started doing more yoga and walking and I’m feeling better in my body already.


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