dreamers come alive

[August Break]

August Break photo challenge, day 5: Come Alive Tour 2012

I went to an event in Seattle last week, a fashion and music movement all about infinite imagination and being a catalyst for your dreams created by the stunning Morgan Carson of Rene Ropas. We watched her fashion show and listened to beat poetry and wrote our dreams on sticky notes and a huge plastic dress. A hip hop artist, DeLon, performed and so did a B-boy group, the Massive Monkees.

As I love to blog, think and talk about my dreams and dreaming, this evening was not only Morgan’s dream come true to create, it was my dream come true to attend; to stand in the heady midst of dreamers coming alive.

I used many of those sticky notes, sprinkling the fete with my dreams, from belly dancing to writing novels that people will read.

If you want to fuel your creativity, do this: surround yourself with other dreamers and watch the sparks of inspiration fly, illuminating the night like buzzing fireflies.

(Or attend the tour yourself.)


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