art camp

August Break photo challenge, day 6: Outer Space by Emile

Picasso said, “every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Since preschool, Emile has expressed a special interest in art. His teachers told us that he spent much of his choice time creating art, and they hadn’t seen anything like it in their 15+ years of teaching preschool. The inspiration wall in my office is full of his projects, from mixed media family portraits to intricately colored unicorns.

When I found a summer camp at an art studio nearby, I signed up Emile, crossing my fingers that he would enjoy it. Emile is not a child who embraces change without first resisting it, especially if he’s happy where he is (his usual summer camp). But he loves it. He is in his element. Not only is he gaining experience and instruction, and nurturing his creativity, he is bringing home art worthy of keeping forever.

[August Break]

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