why I straightened my 2 year old’s hair

(Notice the pretzel stick obsession?)

I straightened Giovanna’s hair the other day; and not because I wanted to. We were recovering from a lice infestation (more on that later) and I needed to be 200% sure that my little girl’s head was no longer a breeding ground.

Although I did not see one nit or bug as I worked through her baby fine curls in itty bitty sections, I still found comfort in knowing that the heat from the flat iron killed even those sneaky invisible ones.

How did I pull it off? After all, Giovanna is a very squirmy toddler; she can’t sit still long enough to eat a full meal or even fall asleep without a hand or a warm body to snuggle.

I put her in front of a Dora episode in which Dora uses a magical brush to make her hair longer (and later becomes a true princess), and I told Giovanna that the hair straightener was also a magical brush that would give her long princess hair.

After that, it was easy.

[August Break]


  1. Wow! Such a different “look”…as mom to a curly-haired girl (and being one myself), it is pretty amazing how much straight hair changes a person.

    Great idea that I will remember for that day in our future when we are faced with this!


    1. Yes! I plan on writing a whole post about what we did. I’ve always been partial to curly hair, but it was fun to see her like that.


  2. Although I would die to have to straighten iris’s curls, I think you are brillant. Not just with the flat iron but with the perfect dora episode. We let Iris watch a video every other night so I can detangle her with my hands. FYI Iris has no lice 🙂 Gigi is such a little model here! excellent pics!


    1. Yay! I am so glad to hear it. Thanks for letting me know. Spreading lice would make the whole ordeal so much worse. Those little buggers are such a pain. And don’t worry, she ended up in the bath that night and the curls were back in full force 🙂


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