On a Saturday morning, you can find me in my living room, practicing yoga with my family.

Why? Because yoga helps us to breathe deeper.

This poem, which came from the Seattle Yoga Arts newsletter, explains it perfectly.


“Please Practice” by Denise Benitez

Please Practice
Because your body is a light filled
Soul house that regularly
Needs its muscles lovingly expanded
And toned into more possibility.

Please Practice
Radically unplug
From distraction, anxiety, overdoing,
From senses flying outward to
Senses sensing inward, where the insights are.

Please Practice
Because the world depends on you,
On your sanity and focus,
Your creativity and commitment,
Your unique sparkling aliveness.

Please Practice
Because your breath wants to be freed;
It has been serving you humbly every moment,
Nourishing your vitality, rhythmically,
Without pause, singing you into life.

Please Practice
With liveliness, with a curious mind,
Without preconceptions,
Follow inklings, unusual movements.
Freely investigate the
Phenomenon of embodiment as you.

Please Practice
Because repetition brings mastery,
And even if you tried to exactly
Repeat, you never could.
Every time you repeat, you create
And are created.

Please Practice
In community, alone, with virtual instruction,
However you can make it work,
Carve out the space, make the time,
Push other things aside.
Be fierce for yourself.

Please Practice
Because silence is calling you,
She has missed you, she is waiting to
Heal you and uplift you,
She has peace and expansion
In her touch.

Please Practice.


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