i love you so much, mama. so. much.

I like to surround myself with words of wisdom because the more I see and read them, the more they become a part of my thoughts, and therefore, who I am.

Here’s one I’ve oft considered:

And in the end, the love we make will be equal to the love we take.” ~ The Beatles

I have a habit of telling my daughter, “I love you so much, Gigi. Mama loves you. So. Much. Soooo! Much!”

I want this little girl to know that a picture of her face (see above) makes my heart flutter, and when I witness her run and whoop with joy in gymnastics, I can’t help but giggle out loud. Even though I’m sitting all alone among a sea of bleary-eyed and somewhat bored parents, feigning productivity on my computer.

Her delight is my delight. Through our children we experience the world anew. Joy as well as suffering. I read in a short story recently: after you have a child, you have not 10 fingers to lose, you have 20. This is terrifying and true as true can be. Loving someone so wholly makes you vulnerable, and vulnerability makes you human; this love means you’re living, this love will always come back to you.

So, Giovanna has started to echo my sentiment in her tiny two year-old voice: “I love you so much, Mama. So. Much. Sooooo. Much.”

Go out and love the world, people, and it will love you back. Love it wholly. Love the rain and the commute and your life, in all of its ugliness.

In the end, you will love it all anyways.



  1. This is beautiful, Lucy. And I love this message. Being a parent truly is a humbling experience. I am thankful to know myself as a parent and to experience the joys of this beautiful time.


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