what makes you pay attention?

I’m convinced that the world loves to blog because it’s like eating chocolate or taking a shot of tequila. Instant gratification.

You bundle up your thoughts, like gathering twigs for kindling, and you mold them into a cohesive string of words, and you hit PUBLISH. TWEET. POST. SEND.

Starting a fire has never been so easy.

Nor have our attentions ever been so divided.

So what do you take the time to read? What are your favorite websites, blogs and books? How did you find them? What makes them special? 

Please leave your response in the comments, or email me (lucy [at] lucilleinthesky [dot] com). I ask these questions for 2 reasons:

1. I am forever awaiting my next favorite website, blog or book.

2. I want to evolve, but I don’t know where to start.

I want to focus my energies where they are needed, rather than wherever my sporadic moods take me. Perhaps a place with more boundaries and less ambiguity, more posts and less words, more of me and less of my fears.

I need help, though. I’m dying to know. If you can put your finger on it, what or who catches your undivided attention and why?

(A book I am reading for inspiration.)


1 Comment

  1. I found jodimichelle.com about 5 or so years ago while I was searching to see if “jodylianna.com” (my name) was an available domain name. And I fell in love with her style of raw and real writing – she definitely has a way with words and articulating this gloriously messy life (plus she’s creative and crafty too!).


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