ww: holiday self-portrait

We took this picture with a tripod, in our front yard. We had limited time and resources, but we had a commitment, and a camera.

I can already see myself, many years from now, reminiscing about this home we are blessed to live in, and the beloved tree in the background, a plant spirit that watches over us in its steady wisdom.

I will recall the breadth of the bench and the warmth of our bodies snuggled upon it. I will remember that James and I won those fabricated smiles with the bribe of seeing Santa Claus. I hope that I will one day laugh at the trendy roses adorning my pants. I hope that I will not always take myself (and my outfit) so seriously.

And most of all, I will long for those little legs and hands, which don’t look so little to me now; though I know their size, their smallness and youth, will one day seem impossible.


    1. I always think the same thing about family pictures. They’re so hard to get, and so valuable.

      I am sure I did get your last email! Did I not respond? Was it about the giveaway? I’ll go sort through my inbox now.


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