a living room show by Catherine Feeny & friends

A concert is always like a feast day to me.

~ James Taylor

Something exquisite happened in my living room last Sunday; a concert. Words sung about love, change, life. Melodies and harmonies that I cannot find words to describe. But I have something else, I have a video, posted below.

Though I cannot describe Catherine Feeny‘s live music, I know how it made me feel. Like I was sitting not in my home, but in the midst of a magic spell. On the coat tails of dreams. At the bottom of a mountain, gazing upward and trying to understand greatness. Or perhaps on top of that mountain, looking outward, seeking the truth in creation.

And then, one of my dearest friends got up there to accompany Daniel Kamas, and I was immensely proud of her. These two had not sung together for nearly two years, yet they sang for us because they wanted to, and because we wanted them to. My friend, she looked and sounded beautiful (nothing new here) and she even inspired my little girl to join her “on stage.”

What makes a house concert extraordinary is the artists’ vulnerability. This human emotion we like to keep locked away; detrimental self-preservation. But there is no separation between performer and observer in a very intimate setting. Rather, every member of the audience feels as though they are being personally serenaded. In a way, I suppose they are.









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