the age of consciousness

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Today, the world, as we know it, comes to an end. We step through the gates, guarded by hippies and heroes, into a higher consciousness. I believe this is the Age of Aquarius. We’ve climbed the ladder of our DNA and our view of the world has widened.

We’ve slowly prepared for this day throughout human existence, but the transformation has become particularly intense in recent decades (so many movements: Civil Rights, Feminist, Counter Culture, New Age, Gay Rights, etc). We have always been conscious beings, and now we grapple with a heightened consciousness. We are figuring out how to put Mister Ego into the Bubble of Love because we are tired of separateness.

This awareness makes it impossible to kill our neighbor. Finally, we sense our oneness with creation. If I harm another being, I harm creation. If I harm creation, I harm myself. Recent events, not just at Sandy Hook but everywhere, have shown it to be true.

A few years ago, I wrote a spiritual essay and I never went to the trouble of getting it published (sound familiar?). I have not looked at the essay in over one year. Today; in celebration of Winter Solstice, a day I’ve cherished each year since I awoke in 2008; I will share the first 312 words with you. Why? After all this time? Because of another synchronicity.

From the divine in me to the divine in you, I hope you enjoy, and I hope you share any thoughts or reactions either in the comments section or via email (lucy [at] lucilleinthesky).

Let go of your hats, ladies and gentlemen, the Age of Consciousness is upon us. A new era where the formerly impossible becomes possible, where we strive to let go of our foibles rather than hold onto them. 

Our hunter-gatherer mothers and fathers believed flight to be impossible for humans. And even in their wildest fantasies, they could never have imagined a portal for instant global communications. Yet the Industrial Age brought us the airplane and the Information Age brought us the internet. What’s next? World Peace? An end to hunger and global warming? If one can dream it, one can make it true. 

The proof of the forthcoming Age of Consciousness is everywhere. It came to me recently at a wood-fired bagel cafe proclaiming that since bagels are hand-rolled at their cafe, each bagel has a soul. Think of the rain and sunshine and care that it took to grow the wheat. Recall the hands that formed the wheat into dough. Recognize the emotions infused into the dough as human and plant worked in harmony to create nourishment for our bodies. 

Everything has a soul. A concept that is simple yet staggering, ignored yet real, the very essence of truth. Things that are handmade, from toys to tea to chocolate, absorb the grace from their maker’s hands. 

With the new era, we live on a new earth, where people are conscious of a bagel’s ephemeral soul.

Perhaps, as mankind evolves, consumerism will favor handmade products over the mass-produced. Bread from the local bakery, not a factory. Clothing from a tailor, not a department store. Genuine paintings from fledgling artists, not a printer. Quality over quantity. The Man will flounder before our very eyes. Small businesses will flourish. Autonomy will soar and capitalism will produce a productive society with a healthy work-life balance. The impossible becomes possible.

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