saying yes to yoga

It’s interesting what can happen when you’re willing to receive. When you say yes because you’re not afraid to try something new. I had another striking synchronicity on Saturday. Because I said yes.

It started with saying no. I decided to skip my planned workout in favor of a lovely morning with my little family. As I drank from my dented and chipped stainless steel water bottle, I made a distinct mental note to myself: I need a new water bottle.

Ask and you shall receive.

Later in the day, when my dear friend asked if I wanted to join her for a (free) yoga class at The Grinning Yogi on Capitol Hill, I’d just read this article about exercise and the brain. Though I would like to try every yoga studio in the city, I tend to practice at home. Tis the life of a mommy.

But my intuition, that deep knowing uninterrupted by external forces, told me to try this place out. None of my usual excuses seemed to suffice. And what do they hand me when I walk through the door of The Grinning Yogi? A beautiful blue stainless steel water bottle.

Behind windows heavy with condensation, a DJ (!!) played music. It was called a ROCKIN’ FLOW class for a reason. Though I found out later that the DJ and the water bottles were unique to this Saturday night that my friend happened to be in town and I happened to be craving some asanas.

Bodies packed the well-heated space, energy flowed from fingers and toes and open hearts. The teacher, a man who likes to have fun with yoga, personally introduced himself and thanked me at the end. He said, “I appreciate you.” I believed him.

Walking to my car in the 39 degree night, my warm body slapped with coldness, I realized I’d been wrung out. Though my clothes clung to my sticky, pungent body, I was cleansed. Just in time for 2013.

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