2013: authentic, intuitive, mindful, caring, grateful

I sat down at my computer to work on something else, but I couldn’t focus because it’s New Year’s Eve and the ritualistic side of me wants to make resolutions.

What I don’t want to do is recap the previous year. I briefly considered doing one of those “Best of 2012” posts and naming my five favorite posts of the year (according to myself, of course).  But it doesn’t feel right, and I’m learning to listen to that inner voice. To be honest, the thought of reliving 2012, or what I deemed important enough to share in 2012, makes me squeamish. I’m ready to move on. And I’m not even going to analyze “why” this year is too freshly pressed to be examined.

Sometimes I wish that New Year’s Eve could mean nothing to me. I’ve tried every approach; from treating it like a grand celebration, glittery eyes and high high heels; to not celebrating at all, hearing fireworks from under the covers in a darkened room. Eventually deciding that, for me, the best New Year’s is one with no expectations. Except for a glass of bubbly.

I don’t think I’ve ever had the experience of New Years being a turning point in my life. Resolutions made are generally broken. I’ve had much more luck with manifesting during other times in my life. When I feel compelled to, the reason being internal rather than the external force of a new calendar year.

Alas, I still cannot rest until I share a few things I am planning for 2013. Written in the present tense because that’s how it all goes.

1. I  am authentically me. I do nothing because I think I should or because others expect me to, and everything because I want to, because it feels right. I allow my inner-child to come out to play. I invite the source to use me as a channel for creating beauty and innovation. I am the artist I’ve been called to be.

2. I follow my intuition. I do not doubt my calling. I know what to do every day to stay on the leading edge of my own thought sphere. And there’s something revolutionary happening. An unfolding of consciousness. I have followed my heart into the thick of it.

3. I never forget my priorities. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend first. Everything else, my blog and my business and even those manuscripts I’ve forgone sleep to write and edit, are the love letters from my soul. But my loved ones comprise my soul. They make this experience real. Everything I do is a product of the love that pulses crimson through my heart. Sometimes, I call it The Universe. Sometimes, I call it God.

4. I take care of myself. Mind, body and spirit. I practice yoga. I move my body in ways that feel good. I juice. I eat my favorite foods on a regular basis. Foods like avocado, kale, sweet potatoes, curries, mango, almond butter, olive oil, chocolate, red wine… I connect with Mother Nature daily. I journal. I pray. I meditate. I create.

5. I live in the present, with gratitude for every moment as it unfolds. I look for the lessons contained within my suffering. I am joyous, acutely aware of the beauty of this life.


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