Rising With The Sun

I’ve never been an early riser. Have you? I like to stay up late. And then I like to stay in my bed for as long as the rest of the world will allow me. My daughter doesn’t mind. She likes to snuggle as much and as long as I do.

But then I read this article yesterday: Why You NEED To Get Up Earlier (And How To Do It!). And my bubble popped. I knew the author was right. If I get up earlier, I can do so much more with my day. I can practice yoga during the auspicious sunrise. I can write three morning pages in my journal. I can write to you, to the universe, in this blog.

I didn’t set an alarm clock this morning. Yet I woke up early. I could still see the moon. I tried to sleep for longer, but my body (my mind?) wouldn’t allow it. I was tired, unable to sleep, thinking about what it would feel like if I was vertical rather than horizontal. Perhaps that article was enough to change my nature, to develop a whole new habit. Without an alarm clock.

I said the other day that the New Year is not usually a turning point for me, but I suppose this could be the year that it is. Anything is possible, don’t you think? Since I made the list about how I want to be in 2013; authentic, intuitive, mindful, caring and grateful; I’ve noticed things becoming easier. The sun has come out in my city. I’ve been eating more kale, getting outside for more walks, reading and writing more words.

And I still feel free, unencumbered by goals or expectations. I have only good ways to be. I pray this orange-lit morning is the first of many. That I can become an early riser, without technology, pushed out of bed by whispers of the moon and my own spirit and the promise of a rising sun, eager for another day. Here on earth.

Are you a night owl or an early bird? Do you think humans are either one way or another? Or do you think sleep habits are simply that; habits; and always possible to change? Are you more productive at night or in the morning?

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