Wordful Wednesday: The Invincible Summer

I pulled out the stroller because I needed to get outside. My head was cloudy, like the drizzling sky.

Giovanna and I ended up having an impromptu picnic at our favorite park with a special treat purchased from the cafe. In these 40 degree, stark wintery days, I find I need a warm drink in my hand to make it to the playground. (I suggest you try it if you’re having a hard time getting out. This one’s my favorite tumbler by Bodum, you can use it as both a travel tea and coffee press.)

But the best part of the morning jaunt were those sunglasses. She wore them the whole time, though the sky could not have been more dark and gray.  It reminded me of a similar day, when she said, “it’s so sunny out.”

I know a good number of people in the Pacific Northwest struggle with the winter clouds, pierced only a few times per month with sunlight. What helps me is to pay attention to the sun anyways. I study the sky for a glowing disc beneath the clouds. More often than not, I can find it.

This quote helps, too.

“In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer”

~Albert Camus

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