5 Ways to Enjoy Bath Time


I recently posted on Facebook:

Being a work at home parent might mean late nights and early mornings, but it also means afternoon baths.

Who doesn’t love a bath? Luxurious and lovely, widely available in Western homes, yet so easily replaced with showers. Certainly we can’t find time in our inextricably busy lives just to soak.

This is the kind of thinking that I am fighting to overcome. This is my life, not a race.

I am a sunshine-loving being surrounded by cold mountains, under a ceiling of clouds. I deserve a bone-warming bath.

I push my muscles to the point of fatigue on a near-daily basis. Of course I should soak in epsom salts.

I am prone to stress, nervous tension and sleeplessness. Nothing relaxes my physical body quite like soaking in hot water and sipping Feel Dreamy tea.

But it’s not quite so relaxing with a three year old climbing across you. Because she never stops moving. And the honest truth is that a bath is harder to make happen for me unless it is actually for her.

The other night, as she insisted on washing (pulling) my hair and stepping on my knees and generally not allowing me to sit back and relax, I gripped onto patience like a slippery bar of soap. James noticed my chagrin and said, “you only get so many baths with your baby before she grows up. Enjoy it.”

We only get so many minutes to live. Moving slowly; taking time to soak with our babies and marvel at what an imagination can do with a tub of water and a cup; means not that we fall behind, but that we notice more of those intricacies where the sweetest beauty hides.

If you’re convinced, or if you’re already a bath tub aficionado, please enjoy my tips:

1. Sneak it in whenever you can. We take baths at all times of the day.

2. Invest in a non-toxic bubble bath like this one by California Baby. Or check out the Environment Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database that rates the safety of thousands of beauty products.

3. Add Epsom Salts to your bath water. Just do it. 

4. Dry brush first.

5. Don’t just scrub/wash/shave! Listen to music, drink tea, play with your kids, read a book, invite your partner. Have fun while you’re in there. Enjoy life, every possible second.


  1. Now write one about how to do the same for grown-ups. I’ll try running a bath every… year maybe? And after five minutes of sitting in there I find my mind wandering to all the things I could be doing and getting frightfully bored!


    1. I know! This was meant for people of all ages. (We should all choose non-toxic bubble bath!!) If you’re bored, I suggest bringing a book or your lover in with you 😉


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