An Easy Easter

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Easter Sunday was a good day. Easy in spite of (or perhaps because of?) an overabundance of activity.

Easy because the sun came out to play, bringing long-anticipated warmth to this fair northern city.

Easy because I used my brand new Vitamix to create orange smoothies for breakfast (carrots, oranges, Vitamineral Greens, coconut milk, frozen banana, chia seeds).

Easy because I decided not to argue with Emile when he didn’t want to wear a nice shirt.

Easy because my mama bought Giovanna her Easter dress and shoes.

Easy because Emile and Giovanna didn’t fight over the eggs.

Easy because Emile helped Giovanna to find eggs.

Easy because the Easter bunny kept it simple with the baskets.

Easy because the kids adored their baskets.

Easy because we went to our neighbors’ for a brunch potluck (and second egg hunt) and I brought something tasty that required minimal preparation.

Easy because the second party of the day, a little girl’s birthday party (and the third egg hunt), was sweet and charming and relaxed.

Easy because my mama cooked dinner.

Easy because Giovanna took a nap without resisting it.

Easy because I’m in love.


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