A Tree Is A Tree, And That Is Enough


We were lying in the hammock, my two littles and myself, trying not to fall off. I said, “look at that big tree. It’s so tall and proud. It loves being a tree. It doesn’t need to be anything but a tree.”

Emile said, “but it can be someone’s home! Or something to play on!” Tis the human condition to create and transform, and we have come a long way because of it.

I said, “you’re right! A tree can provide shelter and make paper and houses, but it’s just as happy being a tree.” If we can balance this urge to have more, be more and do more with stillness, awe and appreciation for being alive, perhaps we will know greater contentment.

I know it’s simple; but on this particularly sunny Sunday morning with two sweet babes snuggled under each arm, a run under my belt, a forsythia bush exploding yellow in the foreground, a lake sparkling in the background, and tall, happy trees surrounding us; the understanding was complete and profound.

The tree is just a tree, and I am just a human. I don’t need to be anything else, except for who I am right now.

I don’t need to be a flawless mother, but I do need to be a loving mother.

I don’t need to be a famous writer, but I do need to write.

I don’t need my tea business to take over the herbal tea world like Starbucks has taken over the coffee world, but I do need to create and sell tea.

I don’t need to have a popular blog, but I do need to blog.

I don’t need to have a “perfect” body, but I do need to exercise.

I don’t need to have a spotless house, but I do need to have a home.

I don’t need a vast circle of friends, but I do need a few really great ones.

I don’t need to meet anyone’s expectations, but I do need to listen to my heart.

Edit: This doesn’t mean I won’t continue to dream big, only that I am happy where I am today.


  1. Oh, beautiful, and I need this “lesson,” since I often find myself missing the “right here” because I’m reaching for more… thanks for posting this! xox


    1. Me too. We’re bred to be this way. So much of adulthood is undoing the ways in which society has separated us from our true selves.


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