1. These are gorgeous, what a beautiful family! We’re taking photos in two weeks and you’ve now inspired me to wear something more exciting than jeans. So, now… what?! (help?)


    1. It just so happened that we all had cute outfits in shades of blue/gray/cream. I was nervous that I’d have to fight the children to get them to wear what I wanted, but instead I bribed them with ice cream cones, which worked exceptionally well. Here are my tips:
      1. Wear high heels! I rarely wear heels, only a few times a year it seems, but I think it definitely boosts confidence to wear them for a photo shoot.
      2. Wear your *current* favorite outfit, whether it be jeans or a dress, because you’ll always look back and remember this time in your life according to that outfit. (This dress my sweet husband gave to me before our first trip sans baby, 2 days in LA.)
      3. Iron your clothes! Looking at these pix, I see that my daughter’s dress needed to be ironed and my husband’s shirt was crinkled, which is why he put the sweater over it.
      4. Have good posture, belly button to spine, etc. My husband learned this the hard way after this shoot 🙂


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