Buy My Teas on Gilt City!

Herbal Philosophy on Gilt CIty

Dear loyal blog readers and friends,

Do you like herbal tea? Would you like to support a business founded and run by a work-at-home mom? Would you like to support me?

My homegrown organic tea company, for which I hand-mix artisanal healing blends, is now featured on Gilt City. You can purchase Herbal Philosophy Teas for 50-56% off.

If you’re curious about herbal medicine, and how the right tea can enhance the human experience, please take advantage of this extraordinary offer. Email me with questions: lucy {at} herbalphilosophy {dot} com or leave a question in the comments.

If you’re an existing customer and looking for something new, I am also offering beta blends for sale, including teas for exercise recovery, memory and focus, PMS, men’s health and more. Again, email or comment with questions.

Thank you and be well,


via pinterest
via pinterest


    1. Hooray for tea families! It is such a healthy, comforting habit to teach children. Once a tea drinker, always a tea drinker! Yet so many people miss out on the beneficial properties of herbal tea (and black and green) because they’ve never been exposed. Sampling at Whole Foods has been very rewarding for me, because I get to teach people all about it.


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