Tell Me Everything You Know

flower child

Children say the best things. I try not to become immune to the cuteness because I want to appreciate it while it lasts.

Out of the blue, Gigi says things such as “I want wings” or “I am going to be a big cousin.” (My sister’s baby is coming soon!) She picks a bouquet of flowers and says “these are for getting married. I’m getting married, Mommy. Tomorrow.” She voiced her opinion that she should get a present on Mother’s Day, too.

Recently we were walking under the sunny afternoon sun, picking pretty spring flowers and these words slipped out of my mouth without prior thought: “tell me everything you know.”

I expected a fairy tale about castles and princesses and princes, as per usual.

But Gigi said, “I love Daddy. And Mimi. And Mama.”

May God bless the children who know that love is all we absolutely know for sure.


  1. I am literally (except, not actually literally) DYING for my kid to get to this phase. I hope I can remember/write down all the cuteness, as you say!, so that I never forget a word of it. AAAAAA. Cute overload!!


    1. I recommend buying a journal for it. I don’t record nearly as much as I want to!! But at least I have this blog. I also have an email address for my daughter, and I would send her little notes and stories about herself every once in a while. Come to think of it, I need to get back to doing that more often.


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