Backyard Shenanigans

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Is there anything better than being a child in the summertime? Sprinklers and slip’n’slides and popsicles and water balloon fights. Lazy days and warm nights and rosy cheeks.

I have such fond memories of my own childhood summers, mud slinging and tree climbing and boat tripping and swimming in Lake Washington. Now that I have children of my own, I just want to re-live it and know that joy all over again. (It’s possible, right?) This week we’re having a staycation and the weather couldn’t be better in Seattle, hot enough to swim in the lake and wear summer dresses at night. Even if it means cold showers in the middle of the night because open windows do nothing to quell the mugginess.

Anyone who lives (or whose lived) in the Pacific Northwest knows that there’s no better place to be when the sun hits its northern most point. We have abundant waters, tall mountains, lush gardens, and an extreme gratitude for the short-lived yet occasionally intense heat. We make the most out of every sunny morning because the clouds could roll in by the afternoon. The parks fill and the BBQs fire up and the boats troll the harbors.

When the skies are clear, we’re under them.

On a side note, I changed my web hosting this weekend. This post will be a test to see if the feedburner subscriptions still work. Not all of the photos transferred over seamlessly and I’m trying to let that go rather than spend all morning searching for photos and re-uploading. More and more, I see how important it is to choose our battles.


  1. Love this! We spent the weekend trying to beat the heat (we live in SF where it’s normally really moderate and we all freak out and feel so “hot” when the temp creeps up). We went on a real steam train in the redwoods and even managed to go swimming. Now it’s back to the seventies and I am so relieved, in spite of our truly “summery” weekend 🙂


    1. Isn’t it amazing when the seventies bring relief? Usually they bring joy! I believe the best part about hot weather is swimming in nature, not in pools. Now I just need to get off my ass and into the lake. I have no excuses seeing that it’s walking distance!


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