Practicing Courage


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This rang so true in my mind. One of the truths we are here on earth to learn.

Blogging takes courage. For me, and I’d venture to say for every blogger. Posting glimpses of one’s life on the internet for the world to devour is risky. And yet we choose, by our own free will, to do it anyways. We are not celebrities nor royalty, perhaps no one cares about what we have to say.

We talk anyways.

Why? Because of the breakthroughs we get when we reflect upon our own life and the connections we make when we share these thoughts with others. We blog for feedback and for community. Above all, we blog because blogging expands our lives.

We let other people get to know pieces of us without asking for anything in return except for a subscription or a click-through or a “like.” We let people in, even when we don’t know if we want to. We do it for the love of it.

I love writing fiction most, but sometimes all I want to write about is my own life. I guess I need to get my own stuff out of the way before I can listen to my characters and decipher their stories. I could confide in my journal alone, and sometimes I do, but I keep coming back to this blog. And now I have discovered another piece of the puzzle, another reason why.

This blog teaches me to have courage. Courage to write and share my words. Even if it’s about something as ordinary as baking or personal as a pregnancy. Even if traffic doesn’t spike or someone unsubscribes. Even if I don’t quite know why I am here or how I manage to hit “publish.” Today, it’s a blog about courage. Tomorrow, it’s a novel on the shelves.

We have to start somewhere. Maybe we need to practice courage to get more of it. That’s why I’m here, so don’t think any of this is easy for me. I am practicing, growing, trying, failing, doing.

So what are you doing to practice courage? What are you doing today that scares you? 

“Try. Fail. Fail better.” ~ Samuel Beckett


  1. I had to click through your blog and of course, OF COURSE this is the first post I read. I feel really great knowing people share the same things that I go through, and I love that you keep going.


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