This Grateful Gray Friday


Today I am grateful for tall trees that turn yellow and red, for the lake that fades into skies without borders, for gentle rain that clears the air.

I am grateful for gray, for Octobers, for pumpkin spice candles.

I am grateful for thrift shops, for online shops, for money in the bank.

I am grateful for stay home days, for DVDs, for raw honey in my tea.

I am grateful for baby kicks, for princess pictures, for homegrown apples.

I am grateful for my home, for this city, for the view from my desk.

I am grateful for the highs, for the lows, for the in-betweens.

I am grateful for the blessings, for the struggles, for the tears.

I am grateful for sleep, for dreams, for stars.

I am grateful for you, for him, for them.

I am grateful for language, for stories, for the catharsis of gratitude.

Every child is an artist.


  1. You captured the gray well, like a warm blanket.

    It took me a while to get used to the “dry” rain, but I’ve learned to like the gray more than I thought I would.


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