This Is Halloween

photo 1

The day started with princess dresses + preschool and ended with princess dresses + candy. Could she be any happier?

photo 2

I was a black cat for trick or treating at daddy’s office and a pregnant Snow White for trick or treating in the neighborhood.  Because I like to switch things up.

photo 5

Gigi and her adorable sweet friend took off down the sidewalks and up the stairs like seasoned pros. They said trick or treat and thank you and Happy Halloween.

photo 3

We were greeted by graveyards and dancing skeletons and even a hologram projected off of the roof. Impressive. As were the dogs, always dressed up and always very cute. My favorite was the pug wearing bat wings who escaped from his house and tried to join in our little parade.

photo 4

Last weekend I played a different part, that of Mother Earth with my man as my beast. Fitting, no?

photo 1 photo 2

Alas the parties are not over. We have another tonight in honor of Dia de los Muertos. And my costume is yet to be determined…

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