My Perfect Day


I like to think about what my perfect day contains.

If I had a daily routine, what would I schedule?

Instead of trying to master a sequence because my current life as a wife and mother is not conducive to schedules, I list everything I want to do:

1. Write.

2. Laugh with my family.

3. Sell some tea.

4. Blog.

5. Exercise.

6. See a friend.

7. Read.

Tonight, as the first Monday of November concludes, I am filled with nuts, chocolate, fruit, hot tea and a squirming baby in my belly. I have a day under my belt that included (almost) all of these things, multiply #6 by two, subtract the exercise part and add something else of value: I cooked from scratch a big pot of organic soup. My pickiest eater asked for seconds and then thirds.

Maybe it’s idealistic to expect that every day can be as well-rounded as today, but shouldn’t that be the goal? Shouldn’t we fill most days with that which buoys our spirits?

This list is not exhaustive. I love to walk in the forest and make art with my children and cook dinner for my family and do things that scare me. In fact, if I added another line to the list, it would be that. I would do something that scares me on my perfect day, either a little bit or a lot. I would be vulnerable and brave.

It’s a life worth living.

Each day matters.

There are no do-overs.

Do something that scares you everyday.

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  1. Completing activities from a list just seems much more productive to me. It holds me accountable. 🙂 I love how you put “laugh” on it.


    1. I originally wrote “spending quality time with my family,” and then I considered why the time we had together last night felt so good. And it was because we laughed together. I certainly kept this list in mind as I went through my day today, continuing to define what each line means to me. For example, “see a friend ” can also be “correspond with a friend.” Texting or emailing is not quite as great as in-person meet ups, but more realistic and obtainable.


  2. Lovely post.
    I wrote something similar a few months ago. I don’t want to be spammy and link to it but if you search my blog for “Envisioning My Future: A Story” you’ll find it. I want to write down what I thought would be the “perfect” day as I saw it.
    Obviously, not every day will be perfect nor will your “perfect” always be perfect…if that makes sense.

    I loved writing mine as a story but creating a short list of things that would make you have a “good” day is a great strategy too. On hard days, you could look at your list and do 1 or 2 of those things to brighten it up.


    1. Off to check it out. Thank you for sharing. I love the idea of writing a story. What a beautiful visualization tool. Totally something I want to do now. Because the truth is that I DO have an optimal sequence and more specific ways I envision my perfect day.


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