Words for Wednesday: Depressed Millenials, Christmas Presents, and Breastfeeding Like Giselle

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There’s so much good stuff out there on the internet.

Stuff that expands the mind and makes the heart pump with hope and also heartache.

I’m going to try something new this Wednesday and share a round up of great articles I’ve read in the past week. Including one of my own.

Millennials strike back: No, we’re not just whiny babies! – Salon

Why I liked it: This is my generation. We are struggling with mental illness. And this guy articulated exactly why.

Excerpt: A decade before America’s own catastrophic Great Recession, the economies of South Korea, Thailand and Japan experienced collapse (and subsequent long-term recession), commonly known as the “East Asia Crisis.” … This period, known in Japan as the “Lost Decade” (Ushinawareta Jūnen), was hardest on the young people attempting to start careers and “adult” lives.

If Only All Moms Could Breastfeed Like Gisele – HuffPost

Why I liked it: Giselle is an amazing mother and model and business woman. She deserves it all. May others find inspiration in her successes rather than envy.

Excerpt: It is, in fact, what we as a society should want for every mother — the ability to feed her child as best she can, do work she loves, and feel supported throughout.

Giselle breastfeeding

Why Writers Love New York City (and Then Leave It) – The Atlantic

Why I liked it: I often wonder what it’s like to live in NYC as a writer. I have a fascination with this city that I cannot explain. This article helped me understand why.

Excerpt: New York City isn’t just a city, it’s an idea—a projection of our fantasies and desires, like Paris or California or that beautiful person across the room. Because so many have imbued New York City with such meaning, it’s hard not to be a bit over the top in one’s reaction to it.

7 Relational Gifts to Give Parents of Young Children – HuffPost

Why I liked it: I am a young parent of young children and I’m freaking exhausted. This list represents gestures so much more thoughtful than stuff. It takes a village and so often in modern life we try to do everything ourselves–to everyone’s detriment. These gestures take us back to what matters, to supporting and encouraging and being there for our loved ones.

Excerpt: Relational giving; we all love the idea, but man, coming up with something to give that seems useful and doable and actually wanted can be stressful. And since the very last thing this season needs is more stress, I’ve come up with a handy-dandy giving guide for you to use or share with those who are hoping to give to you this season.

Why I’m Buying My Children A Lot of Presents – HuffPost

Why I liked it: Every time Christmas rolls around I am determined to buy less presents for my children than the previous year. And I’m doing pretty good. I have resisted buying so many things this year. But this article reminds me why I buy presents. Why I love Christmas. And why I don’t have to feel bad about it.

Excerpt: In a culture of consumerism, I think it’s easy to forget that gifts are a simple generosity. Our adult obsession with trying to jump off the hamster wheel or tap out of the rat race is well placed and noble. But for children, gifts are a singular joy. As adults inundated by culture and consumption, we forget how special it is to see a package with a bow and a surprise inside just for us. Our dreams are more complicated. Our joys are harder to earn. Our lives are more difficult to manage. But my daughter is still at that age where the desires of her heart are small easy dreams of magic.

Nearly 25 Years of Fathering — and All I’ve Got Are These 3 Lousy Tips – HuffPost

Why I liked it: Parenting wisdom from a veteran. Enough said.

Excerpt: Kids don’t always want you to tell them what to do. They don’t always need you to strategize. They’re also far more resilient and capable than you give them credit for… A lot of times, they just want you to be in the zone with them. Empathize. Go deep. Be in the moment. Experience their feelings.

My 3 year-old dislikes her hair – SheKnows

Why I liked it: I wrote this. It’s important to pay attention to how society’s beauty ideals affect our children, especially our princess-obsessed daughters. If we don’t program our children to love themselves, then who will?

Excerpt: Though Rapunzel cuts her hair at the end of Tangled, this fact doesn’t register with my daughter. When she asks to look at Rapunzel hair online, she wants long blonde wigs, not short brown bobs. This is princess hair, and therefore the ultimate accessory.


  1. Thank you, Lucy. It was so nice to see the articles that interested you and I’m anxious to read some or all of them tomorrow. You’re such a thoughtful person, I hope you know you bring peace and goodness to me life through your writing. Love , minta


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