What’s creativity?

photo 2

What’s creativity to you?*

Creativity is making nursery art.

Creativity is experimenting with modge podge.

Creativity is shopping on Etsy.

Creativity is throwing a party.

Creativity is building little snow people.

photo 1-4

Creativity is planning an outfit for a special occasion.

Creativity is cherry red lipstick.

Creativity is writing letters to friends.

Creativity is crafting a novel without knowing the ending.

Creativity is decorating and re-decorating.

Creativity is editing.

Creativity is Instagramming.

photo 4-2

Creativity is making up the rules as you go along.

Creativity is watching the sunrise.

Creativity is painting just because.

Creativity is concocting green smoothies the whole family loves.

Creativity is wrapping a present.

photo 3-1

Creativity is moving the body.

Creativity is taking selfies.

Creativity is making up bedtime stories.

Creativity is conversation.

*A new kind of gratitude list in which I look at something I want more of in my life, brainstorming all the ways I already have it.


  1. yes! all these things and more…getting our creative juices flowing comes in a variety of ways…even in daydreaming! I really intend to really cultivate the atmosphere that gets my creativity spinning, in large and small ways…I realized it had been six months since I had really posted, then finally was able to get 3 posts in the last two weeks, amazing how life can side track us!!! Wishing you blessing upon blessings this coming year!!!


    1. Keep posting! I adore your blog. So very inspiring. I like to think that everything I do all day long can be infused with creativity. And when I’m stuck in something monotonous or boring I can always get out of it by somehow infusing the moment of tedium with beauty and expression and thought. Like how children operate…their imaginations ruling their days.


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