What’s focus? (The 500th Post)

A new kind of gratitude list in which I look at something I want more of in my life and brainstorm the ways I have already found it. For my first post on creativity, go here.

photo 2

Focus is 500 posts on this blog!!!

Focus is churning out (with help) 1500 samples of Feel Beautiful tea for Bestowed boxes.

Focus is 67,696 words of fiction written since November 1st, aka my fourth novel.

Focus is surviving and even thriving in Barre3 classes well into the eighth month of pregnancy.

Focus is making those muscles quiver and grow.

Focus is maintaining patience while a four year-old asserts her iron will. With fists.

Focus is falling back to sleep multiple times each night.

Focus is driving through city streets with a child or two in the backseat.

Focus is keeping the house and home office in order.

Focus is filling tea orders while entertaining a child.

Focus is balancing family, work and health.

Focus is consciously limiting time on social media.

Focus is turning on Freedom even when I don’t want to.

Focus is journaling consistently.

Focus is blogging semi-consistently.

Focus is reading a book.

Focus is cooking dinner.

Focus is manifesting dreams.

Focus is meditation.

Focus is finding peace in the midst of chaos.

photo 4

My current favorite tea cup.


    1. Well the fourth feels a long way from being finished. I’m eager to query my second and third but I need to edit more. I’ve queried my first, THE FARRANG, with no luck. But hey, it’s my first. I think it’s pretty sweet since it was inspired by my life in Thailand but I have yet to find an agent who agrees, though some are quite encouraging.

      Who said “writing is human, editing is divine”? That’s how I feel. I can write and write and write (when I’m not in a funk that is) but the editing kills me. I try to feel accomplished but really I just feel frustrated because it’s my dream to find an agent and publish. I’d say it will happen when I’m ready but are we ever ready? So it will happen when it happens. I write women’s lit and if you’d like to hear more about my manuscripts I’d be happy to tell you!


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