Liberated Lines Love

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Tis the month of February, the month we celebrate love in this country, the month I will birth my second daughter. And so I decided to gift myself something intangible. Something to nourish my writer’s brain and my creative soul.

It is Liberated Lines: an Instagram-based, quick and dirty, poetry and prose course.

I’ve quickly become seduced by this daily prompt and we’re only three days in. I open the emails and I absorb the pictures and words of my fellow participants with the anticipation usually reserved for long letters from my loved ones.

The prompts make me think, they challenge me, they open my eyes. And they make me happy. Because the theme is love and like you, my heart beats. My heart beats to the rhythm of love, delighting in the small fragments of it.

Whether it be a scarf knit with love or the sound formed by a child’s lips or the sun offering a moment of stillness.

These moments make up everything. The more I notice them, the more I reside in this connection, the easier all of it gets.

Come exchange pictures and words with me on Instagram. I’d love to see you. 

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