A Home Birth in Pictures

“Imagine what might happen if women emerged from their labor beds with a renewed sense of the strength and power of their bodies, and of their capacity for ecstasy through giving birth” — Dr. Christiane Northrup


I’m not sure I fully explained in my birth story how good it felt to be at home, cared for by my midwife and my husband and my doula.

Natural, safe, private.

All of my wishes considered, all of my needs met.

Birthing at home is not for everyone, but it was a beautiful choice for me.

I won’t try to explain why because these photographs, taken by Jessica May Photography in the first moments after Skyla’s birth, provide a window into this tender morning, better than I can describe in words.

Aside from the few posed photos, I had no awareness that Jessica was there with her camera. I was operating in another dimension, completely wrapped up in my new baby.

I suppose I am still here. Life will never be the same. It just keeps getting better.

DSC_1272DSC_1277 DSC_1284 DSC_1287 DSC_1297 DSC_1300 DSC_1302 DSC_1315 DSC_1318 DSC_1321 DSC_1326 DSC_1327 DSC_1332 DSC_1335 DSC_1339 DSC_1343 DSC_1350 DSC_1353 DSC_1356 DSC_1357 DSC_1358 DSC_1359DSC_1365 DSC_1366 DSC_1368 DSC_1370 DSC_1374 DSC_1376 DSC_1377 DSC_1381 DSC_1383 DSC_1389 DSC_1388 DSC_1392 DSC_1396 DSC_1402


  1. I love the transparency in these images, and how they somehow captured the energy and joy of the moment. I can almost feel it though the pictures. What a treasure. You are so blessed!


  2. These are beautiful pictures. They definitely captured the moment. Thanks for sharing. Never experienced pregnancy or giving birth, so I may have to talk to you when I get to that stage ; )


  3. Just wow! What an amazing experience! I love the pictures with your whole family too! I remember when my first born met his little sister for the first time–he was not quite 2, and he was just in love with her from the get-go! Each time your family grows, the experience of all the love growing along with it is beyond words! Thank you for sharing these private moments with us.


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