Tiny Ballerina

Like her mama and her grammy before her, Giovanna loves ballet.

I cried when I saw her on stage at her first recital, smiling big and loving the audience. The power of this moment; watching your child do something they love that you also love; took me by surprise.

The universe conspired to bring plenty of ballet to our lives this winter. First, we found an awesome class, far superior to the previous class we took at another place. What’s more, some of our old friends from Stroller Strides were already enrolled. (Nothing like a community!) The sweet and talented teacher invited Gigi to participate in the December recital even though we’d just joined. Then, I won two tickets to the PNB’s big fancy performance of the Nutcracker courtesy of Trophy Cupcakes. And finally, the cherry on top, our ballet teacher hosted an extra special Nutcracker tea, complete with costumes.

The simplest pleasures continue to bring the most joy. A pair of ballet shoes. A handmade sparkly tutu. A little girl spinning across the living room. (Scroll to the bottom for a video and a cool surprise!).

photo 1-2photo 2-3photo 3
photo 2photo 3photo 4IMG_4123IMG_4126

How cute is this cream and pink sparkly tutu? Handmade by MissEmmasBoutique on Etsy, a work-at-home mom here in the Seattle area. (She even makes a Seahawks tutu!)

And just for fun, from the Dancers Over 40 Facebook page…because these ballerinas are stunning. And apparently over 40.



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