My New Years wishes for you

I welcomed 2015 with The Flaming Lips and pounds of confetti and giant balloons including a monstrous mylar sculpture of the words “FUCK YEAH 2015.”

Maybe you think that’s vulgar, but I did not. I thought it irreverent and appropriate and empowering.

Because I had just one glass of Sofia Coppola sparkling wine, my mind stayed sharp. All of my senses in tact. The music vibrated with alarming intensity. Layers of pot smoke drifted in and around the bodies. My husband’s sturdy arms held me close. Primary lights flashed and popped. Psychedelic characters graced the stage. Polka-dotted mushrooms and caterpillars with butterfly wings and a sun with spikey rays and a rainbow with no clouds attached. A large mirrored ball descended from the rafters and the lead singer held his arms open to it as it spun, reflecting fractals of light onto thousands of people. I saw the ball as a metaphor for the earth. And every hand that rose into the charged air belonged to a human communing with the spirit.

Some people have church, some people have concerts, and some people see God everywhere. In the beat of a drum and the rhythm of a poem and the snow on a mountaintop.

I hope you see God this year. Anywhere, everywhere.

Minutes before midnight they played a banging cover of a song that’s been special to me for a long time. If you’re a Beatles fan like me, you already know I named my blog after this song, even if I myself wasn’t named after the song at all. As a child I sat upon my dad’s knee while he played it on the piano, his voice hitting all the right notes.

Picture yourself on a boat in a river. With tangerine trees and marmalade skies…

Where do you picture yourself this year?

I hope you live outside of your comfort zone.

I hope you aren’t afraid to fail.

I hope you don’t dwell on your mistakes.

I hope you do something every day that makes you feel alive.

If you have dreams, I hope you chase them.

If you don’t have dreams, I hope you find one or many. I hope you dig deep and come up with diamonds.

I like to think that, by definition, our truest dreams exist to make this broken world a better place. The body is a microcosmic representation of the universe. Our neuron connections look like constellations. If the body can heal itself given the proper conditions, so can the earth. One person at a time. And because life longs for itself, the earth wants to heal, the universe wants us to make our differences. Our passions have purpose. These flames did not start from nothing.

I hope you tend your flame.




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