There’s A Lesson In This

There’s a lesson in this.

This mantra is how I’m learning to approach struggle everyday, the inevitable hiccups that wrench my insides, literally and metaphysically and metaphorically. This is how I open to the purpose of struggle, bringing clarity, and eventually, freedom.

It’s what I think when I lose patience with my little children and I say or do something I regret.

It’s what I think when I spend money on something that makes my body contract instead of expand.

It’s what I think when words slip easily from my mouth and I find myself wishing I could repossess entire conversations.

It’s what I think when I drink liquor and I wake up in the middle of the night to vomit the food I could not digest.

It’s what I think when I share something on social media only to delete it later.

It’s what I think when I stay up late and I have to survive the next day.

It’s what I think when I hear myself spewing venom to someone I love dearly, whether it’s my husband or my child or my sister or my mom.

It’s what I think when my two older children fight and I don’t know how to make them stop.

It’s what I think when I stay home for too many hours or days and I forget to enjoy the landscape of this tiny yet massive planet.

It’s what I think when I compulsively check social media or get caught up in the world wide web in all of its sticky splendor.

It’s what I think when I stop writing every day.

It’s what I think when I feel in the pit of my stomach that something isn’t right.

Sometimes, the lesson is simply a reminder: this is not for you.

I can drink wine in moderation because my body processes it, but I must stay away from the liquor.

I can buy anything I really need, but I should never go shopping for entertainment or therapy.

I can stay up late, but for the love of God, I must put down the book by midnight.

Sometimes the lesson is to think (and breathe!) before I speak, to make a schedule and stick with it, to not speak at all, to keep calm and carry on, to get out of the house, to fill my cup before I run dry.

Sometimes the lesson is that something needs to change. That I have beliefs to release and edges to find.

The same challenges show up in our lives until we learn from them.

So, the next time the struggle has you in it’s clutches, why not ask yourself: what is the lesson in this? You might be surprised at what comes up.

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