Flower Piano in the San Francisco Botanical Gardens

Imagine you are in a botanical garden in a city built upon seven hills.

The skies have opened over the oft-foggy peninsula and the sun drenches you and the Pacific breeze cools you.

It is your wedding anniversary and you are in love.

You have three adorable children to help you celebrate.

Imagine pianos, twelve of them curtained by trees, planted in the garden like flowers.

Anyone can sit down and play, at any time.

Imagine the pianists in a wide variety of ages and shades, the focus in their gaze, the dance in their fingers.

You are tired from loving the children, but the city and its beautiful people energizes you.

You think of your own childhood nights and weekends set to the soundtrack of your father pounding out Beatles music on the piano. You remember your piano recitals. You remember your piano teacher. You remember your choir teachers and how they turned to the piano like it was God. You remember your sister playing in the high school jazz band. You remember when your brother learned to play. You remember that the piano is part of you.

But there is more, beyond your personal history. When pianos were not quaint, but a luxury, and to know the joy of music in your home, you must play. You become nostalgic for centuries past. When each song came from a soul rather than an imprint of a soul. You are happy to live Now. You are grateful for Now. For bright ideas, for trailers to haul pianos into gardens and also for the freedom to marry anyone you want.

You think that it doesn’t get any better than this, the intersection of art and life, past and present, music and flowers.

You realize that each moment is like a note played on the piano. Sharp and flat, right and wrong, improvised and planned. As a piano must be tuned to sound right, you must stay in tune with your heart to feel right.

You wish you still played, but you sense there is something else that attunes you: writing words.

Happy Sunday, dear readers. What attunes you?

Hey, Bay Area residents, Flower Piano goes through tomorrow, July 20.

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