Release this Burden Now

The universe has a way of teaching things to make them appear certain. Beliefs, ideologies, rules. But I’ve found that as I live, life turns around most things I thought I knew for sure, until I can see the other side of the proverbial coin. Either I was wrong before, or there is no right answer for everyone at every time in their lives.

I am completely at the mercy of Now. Where nothing appears like it did last month or even yesterday.

I have control over myself only, though God knows I will try to exert control over others. I try to influence them because I love them, and I will be open to their influence because they love me. We run into problems, however, when we think our influence is absolute. When we think we know what is good for them, when we think we know it better than they do.

I see people all over the internet condemning one another for their parenting methods, their use or nonuse of vaccines, their personal decisions on marriage and family, their political stance, their label as pro-choice or pro-life, their diets and exercise regimens, their bodies and their religions and so on.

But we are limited to the wisdom inherent in Now, the knowledge contained by our individual brains. Human understanding has proven finite in an infinite universe. We know nothing for sure. So why do we keep claiming that we know? When will we throw up our hands and give up control and relax into the not knowing? Won’t this be a great burden to release?

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