Are Women Blocked?

At some point in history, women learned to feel shame for receiving. We were programmed to give, give, give. We deny compliments. We diminish our achievements. We downplay our strengths. We give everything away, most tragically, our power.

Maybe you think you don’t, maybe you know that you do. Regardless, you know a woman like this. A woman blocked from receiving. It happens on an individual level, passed between generations and families, until the program takes on a life of its own and woman everywhere are paid less than men for the same job. We repeat the pattern without realizing that it is not us.

But imbalances correct themselves, eventually. It’s happening now. Women are beginning to find it in us to receive, to be the exception to the rules we’ve followed for so long. Women are opening. I know it’s happening because I’ve seen it.

I saw it when my friend hesitated to accept a sizable donation for her start-up non-profit. Money she needed. Money she could use to do great things. She had good reason to hesitate as she had a strained and strange relationship with the benefactor, who is not wealthy, only generous. My friend didn’t know how to accept this token of love and faith.

I saw it happen when she accepted the money as the natural flow of the universe.

I saw it when the floodgates opened and another large donation came in, and after that, a steady stream of opportunities.

I saw it when she said yes to the money, and yes to her work.

I saw it when she said yes to the money, and yes to her purpose.

I saw it when she said yes to the money, and yes to changing the world.

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