For Time To Stand Still

Sometimes I want for nothing but the impossible. For time to stand still. To stay in this warm cocoon of summer and family. Out of schools and offices. With minimal obligations. Wrapped in bountiful sweetness.

My babies play together, now. Yesterday Gigi dressed Skyla in a pink tulle tutu dress and in response, Skyla squealed and giggled and happy-danced. I think she was excited that she and Gigi together had “figured it out.” It was the best. Children are the best.

Oceans of love rush through my being with persistent energy. I suppose it’s their energy I feel. Their youthful vibrant innocent beautiful curious energy. It moves through them and naturally a bit flows to me, and it’s so sweet and perfect, I can hardly stand it. I can only liken it to exploding.

I love them. I love their needy little hugs. I love their open little hearts. I love their roaring little giggles. I love their hysterical little screams. I love their fine little curls. I love their big little questions. I love their deep little eyes. I love their hungry little mouths. I love their gorgeous little voices.

These cherubs grow out of their baby-ness every day, and I get to watch it happen, these tiny shifts and stretching bones that add up to an adult when all is said and done.

I get to be their vessel. Some day they will grow out of needing me, which inspires somewhat contradicting urges: I want to give them everything while I still can, and I also want to nurture myself so that I am a person apart from them. So that I do not fall to pieces when they move on and out, which is currently an inconceivable truth. But I suppose the future is always like this. Far away, yet coming fast.

Life, man.

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