When Life Hands You A Lemon

When life hands you a lemon, do you bite into it? Do you make a face? Do you shave the peel over your ice cream? Do you squeeze it? Do you squeeze it into warm water first thing in the morning to jump start your digestion? Do you squeeze it into sugared water? Do you add ice? Do you put it in the fridge? Do you throw it away?

Lemons are like lessons. They can be interpreted any which way. They can be savored and sweetened, or they can be thrown back to the earth. They can rot without ever serving a purpose besides absorbing sunshine and water. I’ve seen it happen in my backyard. Literally, metaphorically.

When life hands you something sour or bitter, how do you make it sweet?

This is where faith comes into play. Faith is believing that something good is about to happen. Faith is believing that doors close so that windows can open. Faith is believing that our dreams exist for a reason. Faith is knowing that lemons can be made into lemonade.

True peace is finding calm in the eye of the storm. True faith is finding fortune in the unfortunate.

If you’re going through something big or something small, if your heart hurts or your brain hurts or your body hurts, I hope you find something to hang onto. A thread, a hand, a hope, a prayer. Let it take care of you. Someday everything will make sense.

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