Adult Siblings, Housework & The Menstruation Stigma

On Sundays, for your reading pleasure, I share a few favorite links discovered in the past week.

Have you talked to your adult sibling lately? According to NPR, adult siblings may be the secret to a long, happy life. Another benefit to cultivating friendships among our children.

Traditional gender traps are fascinating. We often operate according to these paradigms without realizing because they are so deeply ingrained. This article explains why men tend to think they are overworking as parents, and why this isn’t true. Please note the sweeping generalization and the many exceptions to the rule. (My husband, for example, keeps our floors decent with the help of the roomba, pictured below.) But it is also true that many men tend to over-estimate their performance in the areas of household work and child care “because society congratulates them for doing these things at all.” Why, society, why?

In the same vein, I loved my friend Gail’s piece about why she can’t let the housework slide— a witty response to the popular piece of parenting advice to “let the housework slide” because “a messy home is a happy home.” I relate to every little thing she says.

All of my props going to Kiran Gandhi, the musician who ran the London marathon without a tampon, with blood dripping down her leg, to fight the stigma surrounding menstruation and to represent the women who don’t have access to tampons. This makes me so happy to live Now.


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