What I Learned in 30 Consecutive Days of Blogging

The hardest part was not writing the posts, but hitting publish.

By committing to posting daily, I found myself publishing things I’d written that I wouldn’t usually have looked at twice.

I carried my blogging journal around with me. I opened it even when I didn’t feel like I had anything to say. Usually I opened it because I had something to say.

I started in the journal. I expounded and organized my thoughts in Evernote. I moved the clump of words for a third and final time to WordPress, made a few final edits, added a picture and categories and tags, and then, regardless of how ready I felt, I let it out into the world.

I pushed beyond my comfort zone. I opened my eyes wider. I felt purposeful and connected, allowing a greater peace to the beginning of my days because I’d accomplished something that mattered beyond my personal microcosm.

I enjoyed asking questions and getting introspective and feeling my way through pages of thoughts.

I loved having the “excuse” to write creative non-fiction. I loved how posts arose organically when I was not under pressure to promote or sell or generate revenue. I loved finding the flow of consciousness and riding it for a couple hundred words.

I had more posts in me than I thought possible. Instead of succumbing to the lack mentality that I needed to save good ideas, I cultivated them, and I used almost all of them. Like many things, ideas beget ideas. Thought knows no limitations. Language, while limited, allows abundant expression.

But there is always a shadow side.

Blogging daily sucked me dry creatively. My fiction, my art, suffered. Yes, blogging is its own art. But its not my first priority as an artist.

Blogging daily borrowed precious time and presence during vacations and visits with loved ones

Blogging daily took a lot of time. Time well-spent, but time nonetheless.

So what’s next for me and this blog?

To be continued…

This is day 30 of 30 consecutive days of blogging. I made it! Thank you for joining me. If you liked this post, please share using the buttons below. If you have something to add, feel free to comment openly or anonymously.

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