Measuring Failure

 Failure comes to everyone sooner or later. Failure is not a symptom of defeat, but rather, a step on the way to success.

Often upon encountering our perceived failures, our minds project onto the people who’ve succeeded.

The people we believe have succeeded. This always depends on how we define success.

Maybe we define success as a happy marriage or 3 kids or a new house with a landscaped yard. Maybe we define success as luxury vehicles or a “perfect” body or frequent vacations. Maybe it’s a profitable business or a book on the shelves or leading philanthropic efforts in Africa. Maybe it’s an extensive social circle or accomplished kids or a beautiful Instagram feed. Maybe it’s happiness. Maybe it’s “just” joy.

Wherever we are, whatever comparisons we make or conclusions we draw, our failures are not mistakes to erase and correct. They are experiences. They aren’t going to look like anyone else’s experiences.

Comparison is futile. Comparison is not how to understand yourself, unless you compare yourself with yourself: the person before the failure, or the success. The you whose grown up and moved on, but forgets not.

Failure paves the way for success. If we admire someone who makes it look easy, let them be our inspiration. But also understand they have a different set of circumstances, a different set of failures, a different set of successes.

May we dwell not on failures nor successes. May we dwell in the moment, which we can make into anything we want. Here is where our power lies.

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