A Collection of Me Today

 I am unfocused ambition, devotion unraveled. I am the slit in the belly of the sky, the light that comes through it. I am crystal glinted. I am one idiosyncrasy of an all-encompassing hand. I am the hand reaching for something I need help reaching. I am expression distilled, expansion delivered.

The collection of me today contains infection, healing. I am the slow drip of sweet, the calm of quiet. I am inflammation, the sprouting green surrounding. I am rock solid and diaphanous in my delicacy. I am the fragility of my temperature. I am bacteria stunted. I am the growth of good. I am everything I need, right here.

I am Mother, capitalized. I am fierce and fool, sacrificial of self. I am the work brewing in every corner. It crouches in my space. I am shrunken inside of it. It holds me under. Youth usurped by strands of silver. I am the stolen and I am the reward. I am love unlisted.

On the peninsula today, sun broke winter. I am noticing the slab of cold ground, thawing. I am inside of eyes that are not my own. I am cells born from another. I am smoke and flame, incense and ember, the warmth of unclouded starlight. I am inspiration inspired.

Words originally posted on my Instagram feed, inspired by Liberated Lines: Amplify.

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