Could Health Be So Simple?

Is it okay to fake it?

As in, pretend you are happier than you are when people ask the benign-but-loaded question, how are you?

Can we actually fake it till we make it? If we say it enough times, I am happy healthy flowing growing and great, will it be true?

My husband recently read about a study that looked at nuns through their diaries, which they were required to keep. The researchers found that positive language in the diaries significantly lessened the risk the nuns would develop Alzheimers.

Perhaps, if you are ready to leave this world, your mind will find its way out. Do you want to leave or do you want to stay? You might consciously think you want to stay, but your subconscious loathes the suffering. Your thoughts create stress, or likewise, the antithesis to stress. How long do you want to keep thinking? How long can you bear to keep thinking? If you can control your thoughts, you can control your life.

Could health be so simple?

It’s only a theory. Disease manifests for a million different reasons, Alzheimers included. But our thoughts are (theoretically) something we can control. Our thoughts can make a difference. Science has shown, in so many different ways, that stress massacres our health.

Here’s a pattern I’ve noticed: when I speak unkindly or think concentrated negative thoughts about my body, it collapses. Negative thoughts are little doors opening and inviting those bacteria and viruses to come and party.

It might sound strange. Stranger things have happened.

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