7 Questions for Presence

1. Are you excited?

Shake up your routine. It will open your eyes.

2. Are you hiding from something?

Pay attention to what your shadow self can offer you: wisdom, inspiration, peace, understanding.

3. What can you remember about yourself, something you may have forgotten?

4. What kind of wins did you have today?

5. Have you given back to your body lately?

6. What kind of thoughts are circulating? Can you notice these thoughts are not you? Can you stop listening?

Let your thoughts work for you, do not work for your thoughts.

Dismiss your mistakes. They are over. The past doesn’t exist here. Forget your fear of the future. There is nothing to lose. We are One. Bask in the pulsating beauty of Now. It is waiting for you to slip inside.

7. Are you awake? Are you here Now?

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