Imagine what a beautiful, balanced, educated, nourished, whole society we might have if there existed no offshore accounts, if the 1% paid taxes at the same rate as the rest of us, if we we weren’t afraid of our differences, or our power.

We came so far, we came so close.

Until the collective “we” sanctioned a master of the 1%, while the majority looked on, horrified and powerless beyond one vote. We watched as America sold itself to the highest bidder, a demagogue.

Across the planet, death. A holocaust. Rape, murder, and war. Mankind doing what it has always done. We know, maybe we’ve always known, that it’s madness. Man failing to honor the divine in every life. Men killing out of fear, in the name of power. The greed of man tipping the scales dangerously.

And despite having awareness of all that is wrong with the world, we feel powerless beyond one donation.

We can bear witness, so we do. We can cry.

It is no wonder that many of us with porous natures are caught in the tangle. The slow drip of sadness, loneliness, confusion. We are part of the mad world, and so the madness is part of us.

The only thing we can do in this smudge of a moment is LOVE fearlessly and show that love to ourselves and others.

We can raise the frequency.

“We go high.” – Michelle Obama

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