GOING HIGH (Plus 7 Action Steps We Can Take Today)

I realized that I was avoiding people, avoiding real conversations, worried I would not be positive and upbeat enough, that I would fail to communicate how much I love life and how much progress I see happening in our collective society. I could get caught up in how many things need to change, how divided and sick we are as a country.

There’s so much happening in the external world that curling inwards can seem like the only way to cope. How else can we make space for everything there is to process? I hear people lamenting over “the wall” in the gym locker room and I cringe. I don’t want to be reminded of it in that moment and I don’t want it to be real and I don’t want xenophobic bullshit to be the subject of conversation between friends in passing. Why do humans keep forgetting we are all One? 

Many of us feel helpless and I’m writing this post to tell you (and me) that YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY MAKE A DIFFERENCE. You are not, in fact, helpless. But, there’s so much happening, so much already on your plate, where do you start? START HERE:

    1. Read these viral tweets to find out how to effectively talk to your members of congress.
    2. Download the Call The Halls guide which includes actionable steps to get in touch with YOUR representative.
    3. Sign up with Daily Action to receive messages that will tell you exactly what to say to your rep.
    4. Make the calls. 
    5. Donate to the ACLU who is actively working and succeeding to block Trump’s discrimination. Every dollar adds up.
    6. CHOOSE LOVE. Don’t let fear of this new world order make you angry or scared or small. Practice gratitude for that which remains the same: children are still innocent, flowers are still blooming, the earth is still spinning around the sun. In order to lift the vibration of this broken world, we have to LOVE like we have never loved before. Love our neighbors, love our enemies, love ourselves.
    7. GO HIGH. What is your greatest good, your highest purpose? Your good is good for the world. Follow your heart and your passions and go all in. (Scroll down for more ideas on how to go high.) For me, going high means taking care of myself so that I can take care of my kids and other children in my community. I hope they will understand why we must impeach our newly inaugurated president, but I hope they will not chant their hatred for him. Hate never helps. He’s a human being, like us, albeit one infected by greed, bigotry, and insanity. Going high means having compassion for the mess that is DT. It also means getting him out of our government as soon as possible.

– HEAL. Do healing work to release fear and trauma. Invoke our inner guides, spiritual teachers, bodyworkers, therapists, friends. Healing ourselves is healing the world.
– CREATE. Make art that expresses our feelings. Make and share art that educates, empowers, and enlightens others.
– CULTIVATE. Do business where the bottom line is not money, but progress.
– GIVE TIME AND/OR MONEY. Find organizations that are making this world a better place. We must not limit ourselves to political causes, rather we must open our hearts to that which we feel passion. Anything that lifts up the planet is The Work.
– GATHER. Organize communities of like-minded people for camaraderie, activism, and support. Together, we can do more.

“When they go low, we go high.” – Michelle Obama

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