Water over weapons

While traveling in Nicaragua last week, we ate at a rustic taco shack on the beach and invited a local woman to bring food and cook for us. As soon as I posted about being strong, I fell ill. My body burned through something foreign in the heat of the dry jungle. My husband also became sick, whereas our friends were ill the week before; Central America does not live by the same standards we are accustomed to. People live in dusty shacks without running water. They use buckets to draw water from wells. They build speed bumps with their bare hands. Even our modern, luxurious Airbnb didn’t have hot water.

As I reveled in the hot shower upon returning, letting it run freely over my face, I thought about the Nicaraguans trying desperately to sell us stuff we didn’t want, the water that is not safe to drink, the restaurants with filthy toilets and no sinks, the animals that look sick, the bacteria they can’t escape. Why do I get to live such a comfortable life, while they have to live with parasites? 

America has plenty of money—and we spend it on fear instead of love. How much of our national budget goes to the military? How many people and planes and tanks and guns do we keep in order to protect our power? We use our wealth to keep citizens of the world separate rather than together, to keep them down rather than rising. If we stopped being so scared of one another, if no weapons of mass destruction existed, imagine how we might all live.

The world’s problems are too big to think about broadly. We are too broken to fix today. But that doesn’t mean we can’t start where we are. We must start. We don’t have to have a lot of money—but we must have boundless empathy and teach it to our children.

The more empathy in the world, the more we will understand that we are all the same underneath. And if we, as a human race, really understood our sameness, our brotherhood and sisterhood, we would stop fighting one another for power. For what is power, really? When we seek power, what we are truly seeking is the antidote to fear, which is love.

The earth was created as we are created: by joining masculine and feminine energies in equal parts. For millennia, masculine power has forcefully suppressed the divine feminine. It’s a man’s world and it’s our excessive masculinity, our desire to provide and accumulate and protect at all costs, that is killing us. Masculinity is rigid. It creates hard lines and builds walls. In order to let the earth provide for all people, we need women AND men to step into their feminine power. We need to soften the lines, we need more nurturing and empathy for our fellow humans who are suffering. We need water (the feminine) over weapons (the masculine).

This is why women’s movements are important, why we have women’s day and why we march for women and fight for women, including our reproductive rights. Give women more power, and we will make the right decisions. Give women more power, and abortions will naturally decrease. Give women more power, and we can harness our natural Goddess-given empathy. Give women more power, and we will give the world more love. Give women more power, and there will be peace on the earth. I believe that.

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