Thoughts and Confessions

Put your energy where it makes a difference as often as possible. That’s the highest form of a human you can be.

“Whatever follows ‘I am’ is going to come looking for you.” – Joel Osteen

I am unapologetic.

SHADOW WORK. When you pay attention to your shortcomings, accept them, and try to understand where they come from and how they’re actually trying to protect you, it’s like waving a white flag. You’re calling in divine intervention. What if your flaws exist to make you better? What if your light needs your shadow? There’s a dark side to every moon.

Would we have optimists without pessimists? Doesn’t it depend on the day?

I need to watch my mouth. I say things I don’t mean and it bothers me. I would like to be more thoughtful, mindful, and sincere. I would like to explore this disconnect between intention and word.

I have a love-hate relationship with social media. I’m trying to balance my consumption and creation; I want to give inspiration as well as receive it; that’s how I can best love social media. Otherwise, it doesn’t feel good.

Sometimes I feel like I’m invisible, and I wonder if that’s my comfort zone, and I’m subconsciously keeping myself in that place.

Get out of your own way. Stop trying to conform. It’s not supposed to be a certain way. Do what you can today. It’s enough.

Welcome vulnerability.